How To Draw a Bat

Introduction – Have you studied B for Bat in your school? But do not know how to draw a bat? Here is your guide to a step by step procedure of drawing a bat. It is obvious that whenever we think of flying animals we do think of a bat in our mind. This creepy creature actually haunts us at night. Let’s just begin with our drawing of an owl’s cousin brother now.

Video tutorial:

How to draw a bat in a few easy steps:

Step 1 – First of all, take a 2H pencil in your hands and start by drawing a V shape. It must look like an elongated wide V shape. You may think of the famous titanic pose for drawing this part. Remember to sketch lightly with a smooth pencil.

Step 2 – After that, make a small circle which will work as the face of the bat. Keep in mind that the face looks much smaller as compared to the rest of the bat’s body. Then sketch its ears, just like that of a cat or like the fox’s ears. But keep their size smaller.

Step 3 – At this point, draw an irregular shaped circle in a closed form. It will be somewhat like the sting of a bee. As you can see in the image below.

Step 4 – Afterwards, make two legs of the bat. The legs should not look like a straight line. Instead, draw them in a wavy manner.  Make paw like objects just where the legs end. Keep this thing in your mind to work using the scale of H pencil.

Step 5 – From here, draw two irregular or we can say vibrating lines going upwards. Shape them more like flaps. This shows that we have started working on the wings of the bat. Keep it realistic.

Step 6 – Extend both the wings in the opposite directions. This will give your drawing its posture. Particularly, making the bat look like it is ready to fly.

Step 7 – To learn how to draw a bat…wings are the most important part of the drawing, undoubtedly. Properly shape the wings and then proceed further when you are fully satisfied with the sketch. Keep your outline neat to have a picture perfect sketch.

Step 8 – Add some details to the body of the bat. Work on the wings of the bat first by drawing the veins. These veins look more like the tiny branches of a haunted tree. Draw them on the upper side of both the wings.

Step 9 — Now you must have got an idea of how to draw a bat quickly. By properly implementing the steps of this tutorial, you will definitely get a pleasant surprise at the end.

Step 10— For further perfection, start shading the body of the bat. Keep it dark from the center. Then, let it fade slightly by keeping your hand light around its wings.

Step 11 – Once you have completed all the steps, now I hope you learn how to draw a bat. Do not forget to add even the minor details. This will ultimately make you a skilled professional with time. I hope it has been an informative article to make you learn how to draw a bat even if you are not a skilled artist.

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