How to Draw a Bear

Introduction – A fluffy looking bear might haunt you with its wildness, so, let’s learn how to draw this animal perfectly. By looking at this bulky, furry mammal, you may think that is difficult to sketch. But contrary to that, it is quite simple to learn how to draw a bear. You do not need to be an artist to sketch like a pro. It is all about being a determined observer. Just follow a few steps and you will be amazed with the final sketch.

Video Tutorial:

 How to draw a Bear in a Few Steps:

Step 1 – The first step to know how to draw a bear is to make a medium sized circle. Then draw two portions. These portions will be over lapping each other and the last shape would be similar to that of an elongated oval.

Step 2 – After that draw the main body of the bear. It will be achieved by drawing a rectangular shape with curved edges. Keep the edges smooth and draw with a light hand.

Step 3 – Keep in mind that you are making a complete pencil sketch. So, having an image of a bear in your mind will make it an easy task. Now what you have to do is to draw legs of the animal. Hind legs as well as the front side legs will be sketched using the same procedure. For that draw oval shapes. I hope you are learning all these steps of how to draw a bear easily.

Step 4 – At this point, add facial line details including nose ears and lip line. Here we have an initial pencil sketch of the bear.

Step 5 – To move towards completion, start shading from the face now. Draw the details of the eye first. Make sure that you are using a simple B scale pencil because you have to make a bear look innocent and adorable.

Step 6 – Then shade the back leg of the first portion in a stroking manner and add little more darks when you shade the leg.

Step 7 – I hope you are learning how to draw a bear. This will surely make you realize how easy it is to draw. Now complete shading the front portion inclusive both the legs.

Step 8 – Afterwards, focus on the body detailing. Show the proper detailing of the hairline of the bear. Use repeated strokes of your pencil to achieve this very effect.

Step 9 – You are almost done. At this point, add some darks in the back leg of the bear. Such minor details are to help you have a better sketch that is going to amaze people all around you. So do not skip them.

Step 10 – The final step is to complete the shading process. This is undoubtedly a key step of sketching. So, pay special attention while shading and keep your aesthetics alert.  By the completion of this step your bear will be absolutely ready. I hope you have thoroughly learned how to draw a bear in just a few easy steps. Stay tuned!

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