How to Draw a Blue whale

Introduction – Attractive in looks and huge in size, it is easy to know how to draw a blue whale. Even a lay man will turn into an artist just by following these simple steps. If you are a good observer then you don’t need to panic. So, let’s try it out!

Video tutorial:

How to Draw a Blue whale in a few easy steps:

Step 1 – Firstly, we will start with the lower body side of the whale. For that make a simple bended line. Keep the bend smooth. I repeat! Keep the bend smooth. Draw with a light scale pencil. This will make it easier for you to erase if you make any mistake.

Step 2 – Now, at a distance of one thin arm, start drawing a curved line. This is for the lower area of the mouth. By this you will understand the posture of the sketch.

Step 3 – After that start working over the details of the mouth. For that, make a folding mouth shape. Then make it double from one side. This will give it a 3D sort of an effect.

Step 4 – Another tricky step is to make the upper body tail. Draw it with some blank space for the tail.

Step 5 – At this point, I hope you are properly learning how to draw a blue whale. So, now complete the upper body line of the whale by drawing a long straight line with a small bend in it. Here again, keep the bend smooth.

Step 6 – Afterwards complete the whale by completing the upper line. Avoid giving your sketch a final shape right now. The final touches are going to be added later on.

Step 7 – Once you have properly drawn the upper area, make its tail. Keep in mind that we are showing a side pose of the tail. Your observation will actually help you a lot. In fact, it will be your key strength for sure!

Step 8 – Then make an arm of the whale. I hope you have found this tutorial easy to learn how to draw a blue whale. Ultimately, it is all about following the instruction appropriately.

Step 9 – Isn’t it easy to learn how to draw a blue whale? The next step is to make an eye of the blue whale. Draw two circles of varying sizes. One in another. Then shade the pupil dark.

Step 10 – In the meantime, make the lower jaw details by drawing some lines. This will finalize the whale’s face. Try drawing neatly, making much less mistakes.

Step 11 – The final step is of course to shade the blue whale with the 2B pencil. This is to be completed like a pro. The trick is to shift smartly between darks and lights. Do not forget to merge the shades well. Be selective with the tones and keep your aesthetics alert. Shade in a way that the drawing appears to be perfect. Once you have completed the shading passionately, your drawing is ready!!  I hope you have enjoyed learning how to draw a blue whale. Now share this tutorial with your friends and family and let them learn how to draw a blue whale.

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