How to Draw a Boar

Boar is a unique looking animal but do you know how to draw a boar? Well, most of us do not know how to draw a boar. Do not worry, we have got the solution to this problem of yours. This article is to help you learn the tricks of how to draw a bore in a few easy to follow steps. All that you need to do is to follow all the steps accordingly and you will be amazed with the results, I bet.

Video Tutorial:

 How to Draw a Boar in a Few Steps:

Step 1 – The first step is, of course, to draw the outline of the head of the boar. It will look like this as you can see in the visual below.

Step 2—Now, leaving some space for the tail of the boar we will draw the hip-line for the body of the animal.

Step 3 –I hope you are properly following these steps.  The next step is to draw the back leg of the animal. Draw with a light hand so that you may erase if in case you make any mistake.  Step 4 – Afterwards, draw the front leg of the boar. If you have any confusion or queries then you may take a look at the visual given below. Step 5 – Then draw the lower body line of the boar. While drawing keep your aesthetics alert. This will help you have a better sketch. Step 6 – Moving on with the sketch, now we will draw the lower lip line of the animal. Then we will join the lips. Here, also, complete drawing the front leg. Step 7 – Another step is to draw the front tooth of the boar.

Step 8 – I hope you are actually learning how to draw a boar. Now is the time to sketch the facial features of this animal. For that draw the nose of the animal first.

Step 9 – Then complete the mouth portion by drawing the next tooth and the ear of one side.

Step 10 – You know that we are almost done with the sketch but there is still a margin for adding details to this sketch. For that draw the hair of the boar and eyes of the animal inclusive its ear.

Step 11 –The next step is to draw the tail of the animal. I hope you are actually learning the tricks of how to draw a boar.

Step 12 – This sketch is now ready. I hope you have enjoyed learning how to draw a boar. For more sketches visit our site

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