How to Draw a Butterfly

Introduction – You must have seen a butterfly in your lawn this spring but do you know how to draw a butterfly? With the thousands of colors in the wings, its beauty leaves a mind-blowing effect on people. I hope you will want to learn how to draw a butterfly. So just get set go!

Video Tutorial:

How to draw a Butterfly in few steps:

Step 1 – The first step to begin is to take a light scale pencil. So take a 2HB pencil to work. Draw a small circle for the face of the butterfly. It should not be too small to be seen with a microscope. It is better to say that draw a normal sized circle.

Step 2 – After that move to the lower body of the butterfly. Draw with a light hand so that you do not have to suffer if you make any mistake. This will also keep your drawing presentable. Moving on with the steps, I bet, you will not find it difficult to learn how to draw a butterfly.

Step 3 –Now, make two opposite going antennas on the face of the butterfly. This is another important feature of drawing a butterfly. Draw neatly and keep the image of the butterfly in your mind while drawing.

Step 4 – Once you have completed all the previous steps make two wings. Which will look like an extended bow shape.

Step 5 – Then draw a left side lower wing. Its shape would be similar to an inverted V with rounded edges somewhat.

Step 6 – I hope you are properly learning how to draw a butterfly. The next step is to draw the duplicate wing on the right side as well. Draw this in a similar way and in the similar shape as the previous one.

Step 7 – At this point, make the two-wire shaped antenna on the top of the face. By completing this, we will have an initial sketch of the butterfly. I hope you are enjoying these steps of learning how to draw a butterfly. Once you have successfully completed all the steps, your sketch will be a professional one.

Step 8 – Afterwards, start making a wavy line in the wing of the butterfly. It will look like this. This will make your drawing look natural. Do not forget to draw with a light hand.

Step 9 – Adding details to your drawing always makes it look better. So now, make any type of inner pattern. I have drawn like this. Be creative, experiment with colors, patterns and shapes. Keep your imagination high. This will make your drawing stand out of the rest. However, make sure that whatever you draw looks neat. Do not mess it up. Be careful with the choice of pattern.

Step 10 – Once are done with drawing the pattern, your sketch is ready to amaze others. You may color your butterfly with different eye-catching colors. This will enhance its beauty. I hope you have enjoyed learning the easy way of how to draw a butterfly like a pro. Share it with your friends and family and help them learn this skill too.

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