How to Draw a Cat

Introduction – Is it accurate to say that you are a Cat darling? Would you extremely like to know how to draw a Cat? At that point just take after this straightforward instructional exercise to portray a feathery looking delightful feline. It is tied in with combining shapes utilizing a wide range of yet simple techniques. I trust this will really enable you to figure out how to draw a cat splendidly. How about we get down to function now.

Video tutorial:

How to Draw a Cat in a few easy steps:

Step 1 – To begin, use a smoothly sharpened pencil. With that make a W shape and two small pieces of lines moving outwards. Draw with a light hand.

Step 2 – Now make a closed semicircular shape for the eyes and make an elongated V for the nose. Do remember to draw these steps with any lighter pencil that you have. By this it will be easy for you to erase in case you make a mistake.

Step 3 – Then for the cat’s attractive eyes, make a convex lens shape. We will make additions later such as adding more glimpse. This will help us look like the cat is angry. Its eyes are going to reflect its emotions.

Step 4 – After that draw a line from the bottom points of the W shape. Once you have completed the previous step, make a small V on the opposite sides of the lines. At this point sketch an extended line from the nose. At the same time, make two spread arches for the mouth.

Step 5 – Another important part of drawing the cat is to make its ears. For that give a little effect of fur to its face. This will be done by using rough strokes of your pencil.

Step 6 – To completely learn how to draw a cat, make the rest of its body by drawing a curve line and an arm. Draw neatly so that your drawing will look presentable.

Step 7 – Repeat the process of giving a furry effect. Then make the mustache of the cat more prominent by drawing with a firm hand in a darker shade. This will highlight the face of the cat.

Step 8 – The best idea is certainly to use a 2B pencil in your hand. Now make more fur on the body portions of the cat. This will bring you a step closer towards the completion of your drawing.

Step 9 – Afterwards add details to the depressions and the folds. Keep in mind the picture of a cat that your eyes observe and add details accordingly.

Step 10 – Give darker shade to the fur at points and add more shimmer in the eyes of the cat. At this point, we can see that the cat is in the rest position which is the eye-catching point for the viewer. This finalizes the posture of your cat.

Step 11 – The next step is to make the flares of hair near the ear for a more fluffy effect. This is to ensure perfection and to make it look natural. Draw with a light hand keeping your aesthetics active.

Step 12 – Once you have followed all these steps properly, lying cat with adorable expressions is ready. I hope now you must have learned the simplest steps of how to draw a cat….!!

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