How to Draw a Crow

Introduction – A black bird with a pointed beak known for its cleverness is a crow, but, how to draw a crow? A crow is a very famous bird of all. With its irritating voice, it surely catches your eye no matter what. Don’t you want to know how to draw a crow? If yes, then, simply go through this article thoroughly and follow the instructions. Here we go!

Video Tutorial:

 How to draw a Crow in a Few Steps:

Step 1 – First of all for sketching a realistic looking crow, make a slight curve headline. The curve need to be smooth for a better finesse.

Step 2 – The next move here is to sketch the crow’s beak. After that you may draw the neckline of the crow as well. This will almost complete the outline of the upper body of the sketch.

Step 3 – Now, make a back line of the wing of the crow which will act as the feather of the crow. Keep the image of a crow in your mind while drawing. It will help you a lot, I swear.

Step 4 – I hope now it is getting easier for you to learn how to draw a crow. After all the previous steps make a continuing line of the feather of the crow. Keep this line smooth.

Step 5 – Afterwards, make two portions of the beak. Remember that we are making a closed beak of the bird.

Step 6 – At this point, start drawing the lower portion of the crow. For that make a crossed line for the legs of the crow. We are actually making an overlapped view of the legs. So, draw accordingly. Do not forget to sketch with a light hand. This will make it easier for you to erase if in case you make any mistake.

Step 7 – Then, make a small tiny circle in the area of the eye and extend the tail of the crow. Color the pupil black and let its tail sway in a flow.

Step 8 – Once you have completed the previous step accurately, close the tail of the crow by making irregular lines. Such details will make your sketch look perfect.

Step 9 – You are now almost done with learning how to draw a crow. Now make the claws of the crow with its sharp pointed nails. At this point, you are just a step away, be patient.

Step 10 – The final step is obviously to make the details of the body of the crow. For that use a 4B pencil or any dark pencil but in B scale. You can also use a 0.1 pointer for the details. Shade passionately keeping a real crow in your mind. The key is to switch between alternative tones of lights and darks. By this your sketch is ready to amaze you with your sketching skills.

I hope you have learnt and enjoyed how to draw a crow.

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