How to Draw a Dolphin

Introduction – Do you want to know how to draw a dolphin? Your answer would definitely be a ‘yes’ and why not? After all, a dolphin is one of the most innocent and attractive animals under water. This intelligent animal is known to be very clever. It is a meat eater with exceptional eyesight and hearing abilities. Kids simply love it for its friendliness and for its habit of jumping out of the water. So, here we are going tell you how to draw a dolphin in a few easy steps.  I hope you will be enjoying and learning a lot through this drawing.

How to Draw a Dolphin : In 20 Easy and Detailed steps with (Pictures):

Step 1 – First of all make a curved shape line with a folding angle. The line would be working for the front portion of the dolphin.

Step 2 – All you have to do is that you have to use a very lighter scale of the pencil. Sketch with a very delicate hand so that the drawing does not lose its delicacy. Now draw a small circle, not even too small to be seen with a microscope only.

Step 3 – After sketching the eye, make a same curved line as we have drawn in the first step…. we have to draw this line because it makes the middle body line of the dolphin. Make sure that this line at a little distance. This is to make sure that the previous lines don’t merge.

Step 4 – By now half of the dolphin’s body is done. Coming to the lower case of dolphin, sketch a line in such a way that it should be deep from the middle of the dolphin. Just after a slight bend, it should be again merged with a depression on the left side of the dolphin. The line must make a little area of the jaw line of the dolphin.

Step 5 – Following the previous steps, you now have to draw the mouth of the dolphin. For this, make an elongated and a curved shape from the right side. This will complete the half mouth line of your drawing.

Step 6 – Here in this step we will just complete the face of the dolphin by just drawing a jaw line of the lower jaw. The body of the dolphin is now almost complete from the front portion.

Step 7 – We just left one thing on the top of the dolphin which is called the scale of the dolphin. Make an A shape on the top middle of the dolphin. Draw just one single line of An in a slanting manner from one side. This completes the making of the dolphin’s scale. After this draw two depressions where the middle line is ending from the right side of the direction.

Step 8 – In the last step, we drew the depression. From those depressions draw an arm of the dolphin like a shape of a horn or a reindeer upside down.

Step 9 – We are now completing the arms of the dolphin. Following the drawing of the first arm we will complete the other arm by drawing it on the other side. Till now the dolphin’s main body sketch is completed.

Step 10 – After drawing the rest of the body come to the tail of the dolphin. For the drawing of the tail draw, two leaf shapes joined from the end and then continue from the body line of the dolphin.

Step 11 – By now we know how to draw a dolphin initial sketch. We are also done with more than half of the work.

Step 12 – Let’s start shading the dolphin with the proper shade of light and darks. While shading the tail keep in mind that there is a depression with the flowing middle line of the dolphin.

Step 13 – In the sketch, if we take a look there are two parts of the dolphin’s body. We will shade the upper body of the dolphin with a light pencil for this you can use simple plain B scale pencil. Shade like this till the point from where the scale is starting. Shade the lower body with a higher tone and for the darker tone, we will use the 2B pencil.

Step 14 – Keep doing the shading in the upper body with the pencil of simple B scale pencil.  While shade the scale of the dolphin with a 2B pencil from the left side.

Step 15 – Complete the upper portion of the dolphin by properly placing the source of light.

Step 16 – As the source of light is on the right side, the lower case right side would be shaded just like the upper case.

Step 17 – Then shade the bend from where the mouth is starting to give some details there with a darker tone.

Step 18 – Still here is one thing we left, that is the other arm of the fish. We will shade it in the darker tone as we did in the whole shading process.

Step 19 – Now just make the dark tones a little darker. By completing this, the shading process will be done. Don’t forget to show your own artistic details if you want more satisfaction.

Step 20­ ­ – So, Now you know how to draw a dolphin in just a few easy to follow steps. If you want to know how to draw other animals then see this.

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