How to Draw a Donkey

Introduction – One of the most hardworking animals is none other than a Donkey, so, do you want to know how to draw a donkey? If, yes then here we go!! These few easy to follow steps will quickly make you learn how to draw a donkey like a pro. Let’s begin!

Video tutorial:

How to Draw a Donkey in a few easy steps:

Step 1 – Do keep an innocent face of a donkey in your mind and start drawing the animal with delicate hands. Do not forget to use 2H pencil. Draw a medium-sized circle with the back body of the donkey. This will work as the face and body of your drawing.

Step 2 – The next step is to make the head line of the body of your sketch. Keep your hand light. This will make it easier for you to erase if you make any mistake. Try not to compromise the neatness of your drawing.

Step 3 – Now moving on with the facial details of the donkey.  For that draw the nose and the little lip line of its mouth. As shown in the image.

Step 4 – For this we are drawing the face of the donkey in a 3-quarter pose. So, we will draw the over lapping facial line of the donkey’s face. Do not forget to draw it in a way that it looks natural.

Step 5 – I hope you are now getting closer to learn how to draw a donkey easily. Now give some details of the hair of the donkey. Afterward, draw its ears. For giving the effect of hair draw light strokes with your pencil.

Step 6 – The next step is to add further details. So, draw an eye of the donkey. Draw two circles of varying sizes within each other. One for the eye and one for its pupil. Color the pupil black. Draw what your eyes observe in real.

Step 7 – After that, start making the leg of the donkey from the inner area of the circle. This will complete the posture of your drawing.

Step 8 – Then draw the second leg in a similar way. By this you will be almost done with the donkey’s body.

Step 9 – Once you have properly implemented all the above-mentioned steps, review your sketch once. Then draw the back leg of the animal as well. I repeat, draw delicately with a light hand.

Step 10 – By now you must have realized that it is not a big deal to learn how to draw a donkey. Well, you are almost done. Now in the last step, make the last over lapping leg of the donkey. With this your sketch is almost done!

Step 11 – I hope you have learned how to draw a donkey like a professional artist. Now shade the sketch with the 2B pencil in a crisscross pattern. Shift between alternative shades of lights and darks. Keep your hand light and smooth. Once you have completed the shading, your sketch is complete. Share it with your friends and family if you think that you have actually learned how to draw a donkey.


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