How to Draw a Duck

Introduction – Quack! Quack! ….. Such a beautiful sound! Who wouldn’t like to figure out how to how to draw a duck? This wonderful waterfowl creature is enjoyable to learn and simple to draw. By outlining a couple of basic bends you will be finished with your illustration. Simply take after the means mindfully. Things being what they are, what are you sitting tight for? How about we start!

Video tutorial:

How to Draw a Duck in a few easy steps:

Step 1 – The first step is obviously to take a light scale pencil in your hand. Now begin it with your full heart. Draw an opposite nose shape which will work like a head of the duck. Keep your hand light.

Step 2 — Moving towards step 2, make more detail lines. Draw the back line of your duck lightly without giving it a final shape. Make it rough.

Step 3 – This is not to be considered difficult. Just draw what you have observed in real. So, now make a lower neck line which will flow to the tummy of the duck. Connect it smoothly in a flow. Use a sharped pencil and draw with a free hand. This will make your sketch look professional.

Step 4 – Add some more details of the lower portion of its body by making a foot line of the duck. Do not shape it yet.

Step 5 – Once you have completed all the previous steps, draw both feet. Then extend the lower line of body in a curved way. Make your curves smooth. Otherwise you drawing will not look good.

Step 6 — Note: make the details of the body with the dark pencil. This will highlight you drawing making it stand out of the rest. After that, we have to make a flap of the wing and eye. For the eye make a leaf shape with the eyeball in it. I hope you are getting closer to learn how to draw a duck. Believe me it is easier than you think.

Step 7 – At this point, add more details to the back of the wing of duck. This is another important trick of learning how to draw a duck. Keep your aesthetics alert while drawing.

Step 8 – Finally, we have an initial sketch of how to draw a duck. Now is the time to make it look best. Be creative yet realistic. That is it!

Step 9 – Shading is truly the most important part of sketching. So, shade the duck with the light and darks. Do work hard over this step. I bet you will be surprised with the final outcome. Keep your hand light with a smoothly sharpened pencil. Shade in a flow by merging the shades perfectly. Make it look natural.

Step 10 – Once you have completed the shading, your sketch is ready! See how easy it was to learn how to draw a duck! I hope you have enjoyed learning.

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