How to Draw a Fish

Introduction – This article is your guide to grasp how to draw a fish. Fish is certainly the most focused underwater animals besides shark. But believe me, to know how to draw a fish quickly, is not really fishy. In fact, it is so simple. So, let us begin with a simple step by step tutorial.

Video tutorial:

How to draw a fish in a few easy steps:

Step 1 – The first step to draw a fish is to make a curved line in an S shape. Be careful, draw it in such a way that it looks congested from the bottom. This will serve as the rough outline of your sketch.

Step 2 – Afterwards, make portions of the fish’s face. Then draw the quarter face portion along with its wing. The wing will look like an inverted V-shaped flap. The next part is to make an overlapping position of the bottom line. This is actually the upper body line of your fish.

Step 3 – Once you have completed the previous steps, make a slightly bigger circle for the eye. Do not make it too large or too small. Adjust its size according to the size of your sketch. Otherwise, it will not look pleasant.

Step 4 – In addition, draw an inner circle of the eye. This will work as the pupil of the eye. Keep your aesthetics alert and draw passionately. Another step is to color the pupil black. Do not miss it out.

Step 5 – One of the most important tricks to learn how to draw a fish is to use a light pencil for drawing. Use H or 2H pencil. Sketch with a light hand so that it will be easier for you to erase if in case there is a mistake.  After completing the previous steps, draw a folding line of the fish’s tail. Add details to the tail later on and make its outline neat.

Step 6 –   Now it is the time to draw the backside arm of the fish. Draw it in such a way that it looks flapped and make partitions of the tail. But do not forget to give it a rough texture. It is because the arm always has a softening effect. For this, use your pencil to give strokes of greys and faded blacks. It will definitely help you achieve the required rough look.

Step 7 – The next step is to make a shape of the fish with a wavy effect for its side arm. This will add perfection to your drawing making it look real.

Step 8 – In addition to that, make a double line on the area of the arm. Then make a rough shape of the tail of the fish.

Step 9 – At this point, start coloring the fish. Begin from the top by using a yellow color. Keep your strokes in one direction. Otherwise, your drawing will not look much presentable. Shading is actually an important and trickier task of this drawing. Using a colored pencil to shade your sketch demands creativity. Therefore, be creative and complete your drawing. Use alternative tones of lighter and darker shades of red, orange and yellow…

Step 10 – With this, your sketch is ready and you have successfully learnt how to draw a fish quickly. This is possibly the easiest tutorial you will ever see.  I hope that you have enjoyed making this drawing. If yes, then, you may share this tutorial of how to draw a fish with your friends and family.

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