How to Draw a Horse

Introduction – A beautiful strong animal known for its strength is a horse so do you want to know how to draw a horse? If yes, then here is your ultimate guide, just follow the steps and you are good to go.

Video Tutorial:

How to draw a Horse in a Few Steps:

Step 1 – First make an incomplete line to draw an incomplete back of the horse.

It will look like this as is shown in the visual.

Step 2 – After drawing the first step, make an elongated S which should be tilted.

This will act as the facial line of the horse. Draw it with a light hand.

Step 3 – Then we have to repeat the previous step which was to make an S. But this time tilt it to some 170 degrees to the left.

Step 4 – After all the previous steps make a curved line in the lower portion. It will work as the lower bend.

Step 5 – Moving on to the lower portion of the body, which is the leg portion, make one leg of the horse. For that make the points first and then join them.

Step 6 – I hope you are gradually learning how to draw a horse. After these steps, add some details to the face. This will beautify the sketch making it look perfect.

Step 7 – The next step is to make the front leg of the horse. This will be done in a similar way as step 4 and 5.

Step 8 – Now make the other overlapping leg of the horse. Once you complete this step the sketch will look like this.

Step 9 – Afterwards, draw the back leg of the horse.

Step 10 – I hope you are learning the tricks of how to draw a horse. Make the hair of the horse. For that use your pencil to give strokes for a hairy effect.

Step 11 – Then make the placement of the tail and head hairs.

Step 12 – Now, to begin another important step of sketching, start shading the hair and it will look like this.

Step 13 – At this point, when you have completed the shading, ultimately, your sketch is absolutely ready! I hope you have enjoyed how to draw a horse in just a few easy steps.


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