How to Draw a Mouse

Thinking about a mouse is what irritates you and gives you a creepy feeling but you still do not know how to draw a mouse. This article is to help you learn the skill of how to draw a mouse.

Video Tutorial:

 How to Draw a Mouse in a Few Easy Steps with (pictures):

Step 1 – First, draw a head line with an outline of the ear of the mouse. This will look like this as you can see in the image below.

Step 2 – The next step is to draw the back body line of the mouse. I hope you are learning how to draw a mouse.

Step 3 – Keep in mind that we are showing mouse in a walking position, so now we will make the back foot of the mouse in a slightly upward position. If you have any queries then you may take a look at the visual given below.

Step 4 – I hope you are actually getting the tricks of how to draw a mouse. At this point, draw the lower body line of the animal.

Step 5 – Then draw a small front foot of the mouse. Make sure that this foot is very near to its face.

Step 6 – What we are going to do next is to draw a complete face and neck line of the mouse. I am damn sure that this tutorial is really very easy to follow and to learn how to draw a mouse. By now you must have realized that to know how to draw a mouse isn’t difficult at all.

Step 7 – After that, draw the facial details of the mouse including its eye, ears and a small nose. Draw with a light hand so that you may easily erase in case of errors and mistakes.

Step 8 – Look at your sketch once, don’t you think there’s something missing? Well, yes! You are right! Its tail is missing. So, draw the tail of the animal now. Along with that also draw its mustaches.

Step 9 – Even if you are almost done with the sketch, another important step is still left. It is to color the mouse. For that color the mouse in appropriate tones of darks and lights. I am sure you must have followed all the steps accordingly. See, how good you are at sketching. With this your journey through this how to draw a mouse has come to an end. I hope you have enjoyed your way through this tutorial. For more tutorials, visit our website

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