How To Draw a Nose

Introduction – Every artist wants to know how to draw a human nose. It is probably because human anatomy is one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen. Nose is one of the most important features of our face. It is what beautifies and shapes our looks. However, it is not much tricky to learn how to draw a nose. Here are some easy steps by which you may learn how to draw a nose easily, quickly and perfectly. So, let’s begin.

Video tutorial:

How to draw a nose in a few easy steps:

Step 1 – To begin, the first step is to take a smoothly sharped 2H pencil. This pencil is best suited for sketching. Now start by drawing a medium-sized circle. The circle should be adjusted according to the size of your drawing’s face.

Step 2 — Make sure that we have to work with a light hand as the human anatomy is always appears delicate. This will also make it easier to erase if in case we make any error later on. Afterwards, draw a left curve for the nostrils and the outer covering of nose. Keep it rough, details will be added then.

Step 3 – At this point, we have completed three-quarter working of the nose. The next step is to draw the other nostril at a little distance. Shade it slightly with a light hand. This grayish shade will make your sketch look realistic.

Step 4 – Once you have completely followed the previous steps. Draw a nose line going upwards and curve the line which will lead to the eyebrows. Blend the line, making it almost invisible. Keep it smooth and light. Facial features always appear to be smooth. For that reason, do not forget to draw with a light hand.

Step 5 – Slightly shade the area where the nose line is leading to the eyebrows. Keep it a little darker. This is to make it look like a professional sketch. The best idea is to keep in mind the image of a nose and draw accordingly. This will not let you mislead.

Step 6 – The shading process has now started. Shade the rest of the sketch by adding a little more darks on the areas that are much less visible. Be careful! After finalizing this step of learning how to draw a nose, your drawing will look like this.

Step 7 — I hope you are thoroughly learning the easiest tricks of how to draw a nose. Now give more darks on the front of the nose and make more additions. Try to keep your sketch neat, making it look presentable.

Step 8 – Keep adding more darks in a similar way but now on the lower skin of the nose. It will make it stand out. These tricks actually add perfection to what you draw.

Step 9 – Till now, you must have realized that how to draw a human nose is easier than how difficult you thought it was. Add a little darks on the eyebrows which is leading from the nose line. Keep your strokes short and slightly darker than the rest of the sketch.

Step 10 – Give more darks on the front of the nostrils, sensibly highlighting and blending on the sides. An artist must work on such minor details to sketch something that is actually worth it.

Step 11 – If you have completed all these steps through proper implementation. You have almost completed the drawing of a nose. At this point of time, your drawing looks like this.

Step 12 – Your sketch is now absolutely ready. I hope you have enjoyed learning how to draw a nose. Stay tuned for getting to know the tricks of drawing other facial features.

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