How to Draw a Rabbit

Introduction – Do you want to know how to draw a rabbit…???? Of course, your answer would be yes..!!! To learn how to draw such a cute and innocent mammal is not a rocket science…!!! Believe me, it’s easy, just follow these simple steps. Here you go.

Video tutorial:

How to draw a Rabbit in a few steps:

Step 1 — First take an H scale pencil in your hands and draw a face of the rabbit. Make sure you have to make it with a light pencil…!!! So, if there will be any mistake it would be easy for you to manage. Try to sketch the exact shape of the face by thoroughly observing the image.

Step 2 — Moving to the next step, now make a V shape for the ears of the rabbit. Make the corners of its ears slightly round. First we will complete the upper area of the rabbit then we will draw its lower sketch.

Step 3 – In our sketch, we will show a 3 quarter face of the rabbit. So, after making the portion of its face draw its back side body. Keep the image of your sketch in mind while drawing.

Step 4 — After all the previous steps now we have to make the anatomy of the face. For that, draw the eye and nose along with the mouth. The eyes need to look shiny and innocent.

Step 5 – Then make an inner lining of the ear. These details make your sketch stand out of the rest. Shade the ears carefully keeping the inner side of the ear lighter than the outer.

Step 6 — Make sure you are doing this with delicacy. Then draw the first leg of the rabbit. Keep in mind that your sketch needs to look neat and clean.

Step 7 – At this point, complete the back portion of the rabbit’s body without its tail. But right now we will not make the lower body line of the rabbit.

Step 8 – After completing the previous step, draw the lower body line. By drawing this we will have an initial sketch of our drawing. The posture of your drawing is all set now add professional details to your sketch. By now you must have learned a lot about how to draw a rabbit.

Step 9 — Now draw the tail and give a little fluffy effect to it. For this strike back and forth with your pencil. Keep in mind how an actual rabbit looks like and draw passionately with the eye of an observer.

Step 10 — Then take a 2B pencil in your hand and start shading from the face. Shade with alternative shades of lights and darks. Make it look natural. This is a really important part of learning how to draw a rabbit. So, do it properly.

Step 11– Complete the rabbit by shading the whole sketch. With this your rabbit is ready to surprise you by how to draw a rabbit easily. Share it with your friends and family and stay tuned to learn more.

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