How to Draw a Rooster

Introduction – Rooster a male chicken may also be called as an alarm clock that wakes you up so do you want to learn how to draw a rooster? Of course yes! What are you waiting for? Just follow these steps to learn how to draw a rooster like a pro.

Video Tutorial:

 How to Draw a Rooster in a Few Steps:

Step 1 – The first step is to draw a line which will slide downwards. This will look like this as you can see in the image given below.

Step 2 –The next step is to draw the starting line of the tail. Along with that, also draw the neck line of the rooster. Rooster is also known as a cock, you must have heard its loud voice.

Step 3 – In the previous step we have drawn the neck. So now, extend the neck line downwards. This will form the body shape of the rooster.

Step 4 –After that complete the tail of the rooster. I hope you are learning how to draw a rooster. Isn’t it easy?

Step 5 – What we are going to do now is to draw the foot of the rooster. We have to make these details without wasting much of our time. This will not let you forget about them later. But your sketch is still not complete.

Step 6 – At this point, draw the facial details of the rooster. For that, draw its eyes first by drawing two small circles within each other. This will give us the shape of an eye. Color the smaller circle black. This will act as the pupil. By completing this step, we will have an initial sketch of the rooster.

Step 7 – Even if your sketch is done, just look at it, it looks incomplete. So, now is the time to paint the rooster. This is another important step of this drawing. Pay attention and paint it by using different tones of the colors. Once you have completed this step, your sketch looks simply amazing. I hope you have enjoyed learning how to draw a rooster like a pro.

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