How to Draw a Rose

Introduction – Rose is the pioneers of the sprouts however do you know how to draw a rose. With its delicacy and freshness, climbed really gets our idea. Here is an unmistakable particularly asked for technique of how to draw a rose. Basically take after the strategies intentionally, draw a rose and present it to the ones you regard. Perceive how creative it is!

How to Draw a Rose in 16 Easy and Detailed Steps with (Pictures):

Step 1 – To learn how to draw a rose, make an irregular shape which would be like an irregular opposite V. Draw it with a light hand. Keep in mind how delicate a rose looks.

Step 2 – Another step is to make a falling leaf petal over lapping to what we did in the previous step.

Step 3 – Make sure that you use HB scale pencil for the drawing of the rose so that it doesn’t lose its delicacy. After this make a stamen of the flower then make two dividing lines.

Step 4 – Afterwards, draw a sloping line going upwards which will lead to the first main petal of the rose. Keep your hand light.

Step 5 – Now close the upper space of the rose. Remember that the line we will draw should be in an S shape.

Step 6 – Once you have properly followed all the steps till now, make a closing line on the top of the flower.

Step 7 – The next step is to make a side petal as well. This is to complete one portion of your drawing.

Step 8 – Similarly, make another petal which will be curved towards the right side of the drawing. I hope you are truly learning how to draw a rose.

Step 9 – The next task is to make more petals surrounding the flower.  Make sure that we have to make a focus and our observation should be strong while drawing. For this reason, keep your aesthetics high. Try to make your drawing look natural.

Step 10 – The key trick is not to panic. To learn how to draw a rose is not much difficult but it might be confusing sometimes. Now make a dome shape on the top left area for the other petal.

Step 11 — After completing the uppercase flower, draw a petiole of the flower. For this, draw with a hard pencil.

Step 12 – Then make a leaf attached to the petiole of the flower (petiole= part which joins leaf with the stem). Here I hope you’ve learnt most of the steps of how to draw a rose perfectly.

Step 13 – Let’s begin with the shading process now. For that take a little soft pencil in your hand. You can use plain B pencil so that your shading is on point. Shade the inner part of the rose first, it will look as shown in the image.

Step 14 – With this step, the upper portion of your rose is done. Thumbs up!

Step 15 – Let us complete the flower by adding the dark shades to the sketch.

Step 16 – Look at how beautiful it is. I hope now you’ve learnt how to draw a rose quickly, following a few simple steps. Share this skill with others around you. If you want to see more tutorials then you just click link site :



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