How to Draw a Saint Bernard

Video Tutorial:

How to Draw a Saint Bernard in a Few Steps:

 Step 1 – To begin with this eye catching sketch, let’s get done with the rough work. The first step for this is to turn on your artistic mode and make a small circle which will work as the face of Bernard.
Step 2 – The next step is to make another circle that is not exactly the same as the first one but is slightly curved yet squared from the edges in such a way that it comes on to the previous circle. As we know that this dog looks as it is an aged one but the beauty of this is that his portions are made in a little large size and we finally are going to work out of miniature process a little.
Step 3 – Now start making a line that goes towards left side straight and it will work as the back of the animal dog. Use a lighter scale pencil of 2H as I suggested in all the previous articles for the sketches that you’ve seen.
Step 4 – Draw a heart kind of a shape which would be starting from the point where the back line is meeting the face and it is not closing yet we will close it in the next step of sketching.
Step 5 – Now, smoothly make a broad V shape with a light hand which will act as the leg of the Bernard. Keep in mind the posture of Bernard that you are

Step 6 – Make a leg in a soap like shape from the paws but this would be narrower from the middle and a little broader from only one of its sides. The narrower side would be a little lengthier and all this needs to be done with a light hand smoothly.

Step 7 – Draw a line where there was an empty space and also draw another bend to fill the tummy line which will help us to complete the body shape and posture of the sketch of this dog.
Step 8 – Now if you observe you will see that on the left side of the dog there is an empty space, here we will be drawing the tail of the dog. For that draw a water drop shape in such a way that the point of that drop is facing towards the empty space and draw the other front leg and close the space by a curved line.
Step 9 –Make a light and a fluffy effect of tail in such a way that it is curved towards the body, shading will help you create an effect of fluffiness. Now again you have to use a lighter scale of pencil to complete the initial sketching of the dog.
Step 10 — Draw a wrinkled ear of the dog right by the inferior side of its head along with that also sketch two shapes of eye that look very depressed, innocent and saddened.
Step 11 – Now with the help of a pencil 2B that is in your hand start shading the dog from the head shifting sensibly in alternative lighter and darker tones of grey and black. Use slanting strokes of pencil on its head as to give the hairy effect.

Step 12 – Slowly shade the body of the dog in a mild grayish off-white tone and don’t forget to show the effect of hairs with slanting strokes just as you did while shading the head. Just be artistic while shading and keep an eraser with you that will save you of the hassle of finding it if in case you need it.
Step 13 – Keep your aesthetics alert, give a little darker tone to the tail in moderately curved lines and narrower strokes again shifting in between lighter and darker shades appropriately.You may take a two minutes break in between if in case you feel tired but keep in mind that the tail needs to look soft and fluffy.
Step 14 –With the completion of the shading process, the Saint Bernard is ready to make your jaws drop…..!!! for more sketches visit our site

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