How to Draw a Scottish Fold Cat

This adorable, innocent cat, leaves a very heart-melting effect on the mind of people. Yes…!! It is a Scottish Fold Cat. Let us How to draw a Scottish Fold Cat. In just a few easy steps. Here we go down.

Video Tutorial:

How to Draw a Scottish Fold Cat in a Few Steps:
Step 1 – In the very beginning, we will first draw the pair of eyes. This will look like this. make sure that we are drawing these eyes with the same and exact shape and size. You might get frightened by looking the sketch till now, but I bet it gives an adorable look at the final stages of the sketch.
Step 2 – Next, what are we going to do is to draw the facial parts of the cat. For this, we will draw a diamond shaped nose which is connected to the upper lines of the cat. Also, we will have to draw the lip line.
Note: this lip line gives you a bend from the middle and leaves a smiling gesture on the face.
Step 3 – Further, we will have to shade the eyes of the cat. With the proper lights and darks. Remember you can use simple B scale drawing for the middle tones and a 2B pencil for the dark tones in the face. Same is the case with the shading of the whole body, which comes later. Here we will also give the proper shape of face cut and two little ears.
Step 4 – I hope you are learning How to draw a Scottish Fold Cat. If you are confused then you must take a look at the visuals provided below. Above all the steps now, we will draw the back body line which will lead towards the tail of the cat. Also, we will put a hairy effect on the neck of the cat.
Step 5 – I hope you are finding this easy to learn How to draw a Scottish Fold Cat. Now we will draw the front paws of the cat. As we are showing this cat in the sitting position. It will look like this as you are looking in the visuals provided.
Step 6 – Now, we will draw the rest of the body of the Scottish fold cat.
Step 7 – At the same time, start shading the pattern of hair on the body of the cat. I hope you are learning How to draw a Scottish Fold Cat easily.
Step 8 – Extend this shading to the main body of the cat. See, this cat looks so cute and adorable.
Step 9 – With the light tone complete the shading in the body.
Step 10 – Finally, give some details with the darks and our sketch is now complete. I hope you have enjoyed learning How to draw a Scottish Fold Cat. For more sketches visit our site

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