How to Draw a Seal

Introduction – Do you want to know how to draw a seal? If yes then let’s proceed.  Animals actually appear to be very cute. They capture your eyes and your heart. Similarly, seal with its playful nature is simply adorable. Here we will learn how to draw a seal in a few easy steps.

Video Tutorial:

 How to draw a Seal in a Few Steps:

Step 1 – To begin, draw a slight curve line for the body. You can use a pointer if you want to, for sketching. This will be your first step.

Step 2 – Now moving on to the face, draw two curved loops for one side of the face. You can see how to draw it, in the image given below.

Step 3 – In the previous step, we had drawn two curves. In this step, we have to repeat the process on the left side. By this the facial outline of the sketch will be completed.

Step 4 – Then, make a curved line going upwards. I hope you are learning how to draw a seal. It is easy, do not panic. Just draw passionately.

Step 5 – After that, draw the tail in a broad comb shape. As you can see in the visual.

Step 6 – At this point, repeat the previous step by giving a V-shaped depression. Now, we have a final shape for the tail. Just look at your sketch once. Make changes if required.

Step 7 – Afterwards, complete the lower body line by drawing a curve. Leave some space for the arm of the seal. These details will be added later.

Step 8 – You are still left with almost 50% of the sketch. Keep calm and keep drawing. So, the next step is to draw a bold L-shaped arm of the seal. You can have a clear answer to all your queries by looking at the visual given.

Step 9 – Now draw a semi-circle shape. This will act as the nose of the seal. Also, draw the other arm as you did in the previous step.

Step 10 – To proceed further, draw an elongated triangular eye shape of the seal. You know till this step you may imagine that the seal is sad. However, the innocence of its eyes will make it look cute.

Step 11 – Now here is an interesting step. By now we will make a smiling face of the seal and will shade it in crisscross. This will definitely be a good addition. At this point, you may add details to your sketch for a better finesse. Shade your sketch in appropriate darks and lights. This will be the final step. So, now our sketch is ready. I hope you’ve learned the tricks of how to draw a seal.


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