How to Draw a Shark

Introduction – We know that an underwater fearful creature is “SHARK” but how to draw a shark is still a question mark. This article is a simple answer to this question. Many people think it is a difficult task to do but here we will make you learn how to draw a shark in a few easy steps.

Video tutorial:

How to Draw a shark in a Few Easy Steps:

Step 1 – To draw a shark, the key trick is to remember that we have to work with the light hand in the beginning. So take a HB pencil in your hands. Begin with sketching a line which will act as the upper body. Let me clarify you that this line is half from where the scale will start.

Step 2 – After drawing the first step draw the upper scale of the sharks’ body. It will look like this. Observe the image carefully and then proceed with your drawing.

Step 3 – We will not make the outline of the sharks’ body first because it might confuse us. So, we will make the portions for the darks first. Draw a wavy line bending inside the body. I hope you are getting the idea of how to draw a shark.

Step 4 – Now, the next step is to draw the back side of the sketch which is the shark’s tail. We will make a rough pointed shape of the tail first. Then we will refine its shape with shading and drawing.

Step 5 – After drawing such areas, come to the lower portion of the shark. Draw the mouth and extend the lower line towards the right direction of your side. By this the outline of your sketch is almost done. Now is the time to add professional details to your sketch.

Step 6 – Make more of the pointed triangles of the lower skin of the sharks’ body. As you can see in the image clearly.

Step 7 – After getting done with all the previous steps, draw the rest of the shark’s tail. For that sketch a curved V shape to complete the tail. I hope you are learning how to draw a shark. Isn’t it easier than how difficult you have considered it?

Step 8 – Afterwards, make a middle line of the shark without giving the space of the arm. Do not forget to draw with a light hand. Keep your sketch neat and clean.

Step 9 – Then draw a thin and long arm towards the right side. Keep your aesthetics alert and portray your observation passionately.

Step 10 – Once you have completed all the previous steps draw the eye of the shark. Also draw the pointed sharp teeth of the shark and make its gills as well. These details will definitely surprise you once your sketch gets completed.

Step 11 – Then draw the second arm of the shark. With this we will have an initial sketch. Here we have successfully learnt how to draw a shark. Now come towards shading.

Step 12 – Start shading from the back portion of the shark take a 2B pencil in your hand and put some darks. Do this with a slightly harder hand.

Step 13 – Now, extend the shading in the left side of the body. Make it look realistic. Shift alternately between dark and light tones.

Step 14 – This will give you a professional sketch of a shark. I hope you have learned and enjoyed how to draw a shark. If you want to draw a dolphin or anything else then simply click here.


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