How to Draw a Tortoise

Introduction – You all must have heard of a tortoise as one of the slowest animals in the world but do you know how to draw a tortoise? What if you don’t, there’s nothing to worry about. This article is to help you know the tricks of how to draw a tortoise. So, get set go!

Video Tutorial:

 How to Draw a Tortoise in a Few Steps:

Step 1 – First, what we are going to do is to draw the line, which will act as the shell of the tortoise.

Step 2 –The next step is to draw the bumped line for the upper covering of the shell. I hope you are gradually learning how to draw a tortoise easily.

Step 3 – As you can see that, in this sketch we are not using straight lines instead we are using bumped lines. So, at this point we will draw the facial shape of the tortoise.

Step 4 – By now you must have realized that to know how to draw a tortoise is really easy. Once you have completed all the previous steps, draw the lower lip, body and neck line of the tortoise. After the completion of this step, it will look like this as you can see in the visual given below.

Step 5 – Afterwards, draw the front foot of the tortoise and the lower body line of the animal. Ultimately, it will shape up the initial sketch.

Step 6 – We are gradually moving towards the completion of this sketch. Now, we will draw the feet of the animal.

Step 7 –I can bet, you are actually enjoying learning how to draw a tortoise. Just look at your sketch once, isn’t it incomplete? Yes you are right, the eyes are missing. So, draw the eye on the face of the turtle. Also, draw the pattern on its shell. Such details beautify your sketch. Do not dare to ignore them.

Step 8 – Another important step of this tutorial is to learn how to shade. For that, shade the turtle in a crisscross pattern in tones of darks and lights. Once you get done with shading, your tortoise will be absolutely ready. By now you must have got your hands on how to draw a tortoise. Stay tuned for more interesting stuff!


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