How to Draw a Tulip

Tulip with its attractive colors and unique shape is a flower loved by all, but people rarely know how to draw a tulip. This article is to help you learn the skill of how to draw a tulip. The steps mentioned in this article are really easy to follow. Just go through the article thoroughly and follow the steps properly, you will be surprised by the final sketch, I bet.

Video Tutorial:

 How to Draw a Tulip in a Few Steps:

Step 1 – First, draw the stem of the flower by drawing two parallel curved lines. If you have any queries, then you may take a look at the image below.

Step 2 – We are first working over the upper portion of the flower. So, the next step is to make a U shape with the pointed curves. The sketch will then look like the one shown below.

Step 3 – Now, we will draw the inner petals. For that start drawing the petals from the left side. See how easy it is to know how to draw a tulip.

Step 4 – Afterwards draw the middle petal. Keep it a little bigger than the rest of the petals.

Step 5 – Complete the petals by filling in all the empty spaces. The final image would be somewhat like this at the completion of this step.

Step 6 – I hope you are getting the tricks of how to draw a tulip. As we have a little space on the foliage, we will now draw the leaf on the left side of the flower. Draw the leaf in a way as it looks like an actual leaf.

Step 7 – To have the final view of the initial sketch, draw a long leaf behind the stem of the tulip. I hope by now you must have realized that to know how to draw a tulip is not tricky at all.

Step 8 – The final step is to color the tulip obviously. For that shade the sketch in light and dark tones of purple. I hope that you’ve liked this easy procedure of how to draw a tulip. With this the sketch is absolutely ready. See how amazing it looks!

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