How to draw an Ant

As we know that ant is one of the smallest creatures in the world. Here we will learn how to draw an ant in few steps. Keep this in your mind that I am here explaining you in a magnified way. Let us move ahead.

Video Tutorial:

How to Draw an Ant in a Few Steps:

Step 1 – First, we will draw the back body of the ant. We will draw this by leaving a blank space for the legs. Also, it is not exactly a circle but an oval.
Step 2 – Next what we will do is to draw a middle body. I hope you can see the visual. This middle body would help the body of ant to stick together. I hope you are learning how to draw an ant.
Step 3 – Further, draw the upper half arch. This will work as the main body of the ant.
Step 4 – Moving on, I hope you are learning how to draw an ant. You can also take a look at the visual given below. Now, draw a same arch as drawn in the previous step. It will give you a little heart shape.
Step 5 – Meanwhile, draw the face of the ant. Also, draw two opposite brackets as a connection for hold.
Step 6 – This will look like this as till all the above mentioned steps. I hope it is getting easier for you to learn how to draw an ant by looking the enlarged drawing. What are we going to do next is to Draw an oval shape in a horizontal direction, in such conditions that it is bend towards the face. Also, draw the internal lines in the back body.
Step 7 – As a thin cylindrical shape draw two most upper portions of the leg of the ant. If you have any difficulty, take a look at the visual provided.
Step 8 – Further, we will draw a pointed mouth of the insect.
Step 9 – Next, draw the two antennas on the head.
Step 10 – Now, moving to the leg of the insect. You will draw very thin lines and give a crumbled effect in the most lower case.
Step 11 – Now, draw the most back leg of the ant. I hope you are learning how to draw an ant.
Step 12 – Now, draw one of the front legs.
Step 13 – Now, draw the complete legs. Here we will have an initial sketch of an ant.
Step 14 – Now, complete the ant after shading. I hope you have learned how to draw an ant. For more sketches visit our site

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