How to Draw an Eagle

Introduction – A high flying eagle with its sharp features looks scary but how to draw an eagle? Well, for that all you need to have is an eagle’s eye. Be a keen observer and begin your drawing following a few easy steps. Here we go then…!!

How to draw an Eagle in a few easy steps:

Step 1 – Most of the parts of the eagle’s body are pointed. So the first step is to take a 2H pencil in your hand and start sketching. Draw the upper head of the eagle merging with the flow line of its wings. This will outline your sketch giving you a rough image of how your drawing will look.

Step 2 – Afterwards, draw the beak of the eagle in such a way that it looks very sharp. Slightly bend its edge downwards making no compromise over its sharpness. You may think of a bended nail for that. Keep in mind that the bend does not affect its sharpness.

Step 3 – Now, make the neck of your eagle. Make it look furry by continuous strokes in scattered directions. This will make your drawing look natural. Do not forget to work on such minor details if you actually want to know how to draw an eagle.

Step 4 – An artist might not find any difficulty in drawing but for an unskilled person it is tricky. So, just follow all the steps carefully. Give shape to what your eyes observe. After all these steps, draw fur like roughly shaped lines parallel to each other. These lines work as the body of the eagle. Then draw a small circle within a circle to make an eye and the pupil. Shade the pupil black.

Step 5 – Keep in mind that we are drawing the landing position of an eagle. Pay attention to how to draw an eagle in this posture. At this point, draw one of the claws of the eagle. Then make the mountainous surface. With this we have balanced the drawing by sketching its surface.

Step 6 – Here you may use the 2B pencil as we are about to draw the eagle’s wings. Wings are the most important part drawing a bird. Make a feather shape and open arms should be prominent. This will be done by making a wide elongated V shape that is a little curved.

Step 7 – To add texture, sketch an inner pattern in the wings. Drawing the pattern is a tricky task. Make it visible and invisible alternatively.

Step 8 – By now, we have an initial sketch of the bird. Now we will start to shade our drawing.

Step 9 – For this, use B scale and start from the eagle’s face. You have to use the strokes of the pencil to have a natural effect.

Step 10 – Now start adding more details from the lower part of the wings. Use alternative strokes of lights and darks. I hope you are getting familiar with how to draw an eagle. Also, do some detailing on the tail and use a technique of crisscross.

Step 11 – In a similar way, add details to the right wing of the eagle. Keep your hand light and do it all in a flow.

Step 12 – Repeat this process for shading in the left wing as well. Keep your aesthetics high and try to make it look perfect.

Step 13 – Do not forget to shade the middle area of the bird which is the main body. For this you may use alternative strokes of light and dark.

Step 14 – Once you have completed the shading process, the eagle is ready! I hope now you have a clear idea of how to draw an eagle in just a few easy steps….!!!!




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