How to Draw an EEL

One of the most rare fish in the under water in the world is none other then an eel. Do you want to learn how to draw an eel in just few easy steps? Let us move forward to the steps provided below.

Video Tutorial:

How to Draw an EEl in a Few Steps:
Step 1 – First, we will have to draw a tick mark which will also make you remember a signature of a brand known as NIKE.
Step 2—Further, we will now, draw the lower body line of the fish. This will look like this as you can see in the visual provided.
Step 3 – Next, what are we going to do is to draw a completion line at the end of the body. Make sure that this line is the turning point of the body of the fish. Make sure that this fish is shown in the turned position.
Step 4 – I hope you are learning how to draw an eel. Now, from the point of turning we will draw the upper going tail of the fish. This would look like as shown.
Step 5 – As we can see the  visual. What are we going to do next is to draw the double line on the body of an eel. Which will work as the fins of the fish.
Step 6 – I hope you are learning how to draw an eel in just few easy and simple steps. If you have any query then you must take a look at the visuals provided below. At the same time, we will draw the facial expressions of the fish. Including eye and the lip line on the face.
Step 7 – We will draw a little and thin ear on the body. This ear shows the sensitivity of the electric fish. Here we have an initial sketch of an eel.
Step 8 – Finally, shade the fish with the proper light and dark. Here our sketch is complete. I hope you have enjoyed learning how to draw an eel. For more sketches visit our site

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