How to Draw an Elephant

Introduction – Elephant in spite of its immense size looks charming, things being what they are, would you like to figure out how to draw an elephant? A major, mammoth bone structure with a dark shaded skin, this huge animal is anything but difficult to draw. Here we go… Let’s take after these straightforward advances.

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How to Draw an Elephant In 13 Easy and Detailed Steps with (Pictures):

Step 1 – To begin, the first step is to draw the trunk of the animal. This time, we are making a sketch with a pen so there is not any rule of using a light scale pencil. We have to draw a curved shaped trunk of the elephant. As shown in the figure keep the curve smooth.

Step 2 – As we know that the elephant has two large white teeth. So, the next step is to draw its teeth. Make sure that the teeth look pointed. Drawing this animal is not a big deal or a rocket science. With the completion of the second step, I hope it is getting easier for you to learn how to draw an elephant.

Step 3 – Moving on towards the next part, draw the back outline of the elephant’s body with its tail. Keep in mind that your drawing needs to look presentable. Try to copy the exact shape as shown in the image.

Step 4 – At this point, start adding more details to the elephant’s body. Draw an ear shape of the elephant. It is somewhat like human ear although it is many times larger than that.

Step 5 – Once you have completed all the previous steps, look at your sketch once. Then by using the same pointer or pen, draw the wrinkled eye of the animal. Do not forget that an elephant’s eye look similar to that of a human. Draw a small leaf shape and color the pupil in it black.

Step 6 – Now is the time to finalize the posture of your sketch. For that draw the front leg of the elephant.

Step 7 – After that draw the folded leg of the elephant. With this you are done with the posture of your drawing. Remember that the foot of the folded leg must also be folded.

Step 8 – You are gradually moving towards the completion of your drawing. I hope you are enjoying your way to learn how to draw an elephant. Now add some minor details of the folded skin of the elephant’s leg. Give an effects of wrinkles at the folding.

Step 9 – Afterwards, complete the elephant by drawing the back side leg of the elephant as well. Here we have an initial sketch of the animal elephant. I hope you are learning how to draw an elephant like a pro.

Step 10 – To make your drawing stand out of the rest, add little details on the trunk. The next step is to shade the animal with the proper darks and lights.

Step 11 – Begin your shading by shading the back leg of the elephant with darks.

Step 12 – Then shade the back leg of the elephant as well. Keep your strokes in one direction. This will make your drawing look aesthetically pleasant.

Step 13 – With the completion of the shading process, your sketch is all set to astonish you with its perfection. I hope you have learned how to draw an elephant perfectly. Share this tutorial with your friends and family and let us groom the artist that rests within them. if you want to draw other animals then simple click site :

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