How to draw an Owl

Introduction – An owl is a nocturnal bird known for its scary eyes but how to draw an owl? To draw such a looking bird you do not have to be much skilled. This article will really make it even easier for you to learn how to draw an owl. Just follow the step by step procedure attentively and you are good to go. Believe me it is really very easy.

Video tutorial:

How to Draw a Owl in a few easy steps:

Step 1 – To begin, draw a circle that is not really round. You may imagine a cat like face with ears. This will give you an approximate idea of drawing it. Use a light scale pencil with a light hand.

Step 2 – The next step is to draw two of the eyes of the owl. For that start by drawing two broad leaf-like shapes. Adjust their size as per the size of the bird’s face. Do not make them too large or too small.

Step 3 – Do make sure that you do all this with a very delicate hand. At this point sketch the minor facial detail on its face. For this draw a flake kind of a shape for its nose. Try to make it look natural. This will make your sketch look presentable.

Step 4 – Note that we are going to draw an owl which is standing on the bark of the tree. So now, make a bark first.

Step 5 – The next step is to make the body of the owl. You have to do all these steps with the lighter scale of pencil.

Step 6 – Another important step is to draw the claws of the owl. The claws actually help it hold on to the bark. So, draw them neatly and appropriately as per the posture of the owl.

Step 7 – Now is the time to make details of the eye with the 2B pencil. Once you get done with this, darken the nails. Such details will add a professional touch to your drawing.

Step 8 – Here comes the time to start the most important part that is, shading. To shade the face make the strokes like of e splash. Pay special attention to this part of your sketch as this will finalize how good your sketch will look. Be creative!

Step 9 – Then move downwards with the body. Now you have to use 2B pencil and mark the texture. To add texture, again shade with the strokes of your pencil.

Step 10 – Now complete the shading of the tail as well. I hope it is getting very easier now to know how to draw an owl.

Step 11 – After completing all the previous steps, color the owl or you can draw the same texture on the bark in a similar way as the body texture.

Step 12 – Draw smoothly, following all the steps properly. Just look at your sketch once. Yes! You have made it! See how amazing it looks! Amaze others with your pro like skills now. That is how easy it is to learn how to draw an owl.

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