How to Draw Cosmos

Introduction – Cosmos flower exists in many different and vibrant colors bur people don’t really know how to draw cosmos flower. Well! Believe me, it is really easy to draw cosmos flower. This article is your ultimate guide to know how to draw cosmos flower. Just follow these steps properly and you will be done with the sketch in a few minutes.

Video Tutorial:

 How to Draw Cosmos in a Few Steps:

Step 1 – First of all we will draw the middle circle of the plant. Then we will give it a crushed texture. If you have any queries, then take a look at the visual given below.

Step 2 – Moving on with the sketch, we will draw the petals of this tiny little flower. Don’t forget to draw the first petal with a little folding.

Step 3 – Afterwards we will start drawing the rest of the petals clockwise. At this time, draw the second petal of the flower. Draw its folds as well.

Step 4 – Then the next step is to draw the third petal in the same way as we have drawn the first and the second one. Isn’t it really easy to learn the tricks of how to draw cosmos flower?

Step 5 – We will have to repeat the same procedure for drawing all petals of the flower. Sketch the fourth one here. I hope this article is helping you to learn how to draw cosmos flower.

Step 6 – Now is the time to draw the fifth petal. I hope you are actually getting how to draw cosmos flower. This flower is not difficult at all. So keep learning, I bet this will not make you feel confused.

Step 7 – Similarly draw the sixth petal with little folds. This will look like this as you can see in the visual given below.

Step 8 –Finally we are going to draw the last petal now. After drawing the last petal we will have an initial sketch of the cosmos flower.

Step 9 – The flower looks complete but don’t you think there’s still something missing? Yes! You are right! It looks colorless. Of course, now we will color the flower. With this, your sketch will be ready to surprise you by how good you are at sketching. Just look at the sketch once! See it leaves such a beautiful effect on your mind. I hope you have enjoyed your way through this how to draw cosmos flower tutorial. Stay tuned!

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